Would like to inform our clients of our capabilities. We have the equipment and knowledge to cut various thread styles in multiple material types! Our C.N.C. lathes can cut any thread size from 1/2” to 14” in low carbon steel, high strength alloy steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and P.V.C. We can also slot any pipe size.


Rope Thread

Drive Casing Thread/Reverse Thread

DCDMA Casing W series (BW, NW, HW, PW, SW, UW, ZW)

Sonic Casing

HWT and PWT Coring Casing

Micro Pile Casing 5 ½” ~ 9 5/8”

F-480 Flush Joints

Pump Column Pipe

Buttress & ARD Thread

Drop Pipe, Flush or Coupled

Note: We can cut just about any thread if provided sample or specifications.

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